Interbile's leap to the top of the world begins

E-commerce is at the heart of information. E-commerce doesn't just mean the trade of goods. E-commerce is a new way of reversing the traditional method of transaction. It is an innovative change that allows transactions to take place anytime, anywhere, with no time and space constraints. The field of e-commerce is not about traditional transactions, but it is about the infinite expansion of services that can be provided worldwide, and the growth will not stop.
The emergence of a new approach that shortens access, distance between space and time, as well as provide such as mobile, will certainly boost the commercial market. It is important for you to secure new areas that can bring success closer to you. If you do not evolve, you are doomed to cull.

Established as a software developer called Innotion in December 2001, Interbile Co., Ltd. has changed and evolved since then to develop a total mobile gift certificate solution, the only new growth engine of the mobile era. The excellence of mobile gift certificate solution has already been evaluated by the leaders in the industry. Every employee at Interbile will walk alongside of our customers, and grow as a leading technology company.