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INTERBILE Co., Ltd. is an IT professional company that has been developing a number of customer companies for many years, including accumulating know-how through IT infrastructure construction and solution development.

We promise to focus our capabilities on the fast-growing future fintech market and strive to reach our customers with advanced technology and advanced services based on talent development, bold capital investment, and existing technology.

At the center of the new market-forming momentum, the development of IT technology, accessibility through the mobile environment, convenience, and the emergence of new approaches that shorten space-time distance have created a diverse consumption and payment culture. These cultures and services are exploding the fintech market and are becoming more active. Now that many large companies and new companies are competing, we are committed to creating more customer-friendly, more customer-friendly, and more customer-friendly services based on the know-how of mobile payment technology we have built over the years.

Please watch our growth in the future, and we will always be a partner who thinks and thinks about the way forward with our customers without changing our self-reflection.

Thank you.