What is a gift certificate?

Issued by the issuer stating a fixed amount or quantity of goods or solutions, a gift certificate is a certificate of unknown name sold, presented, paid or otherwise used.
It is a voucher that can receive goods or services from the issuer or others according to what is stated in the voucher.

Purpose of issuance

  • Increase sales andsecure deposits

    Second revenue generation due to sales synergies through the use of deposits

  • Ease of attracting
    members and customers

    Fulfillment of various people's economic activities, and elimination of discomfort in personal information exposure (no name bonds)

  • Increase advertising effectiveness and awareness

    Safe gifting culture creation to increase the business promotion, increase name value of the company through the use of a third currency

  • Various marketing

    Can be sued to provide business promotion and event opportunities, active gifting options (B2B marketing)

  • On- and off-line
    integrated payment method

    Provide user convenience and various purchase opportunities as well as satisfies customer needs

  • Utilization and
    scalability as electronic vouchers

    Connection with additional payment methods due to advanced communication, increase the number of smartphone users, ease of marketing, increase the amount of additional revenue

Types ofGift Certificates

General Gift certificate General gift certificate General gift certificate

A paper-type voucher which is used as a general gift and allows department stores and large retailers to use it at their affiliated stores
The issuer can see the benefits in profits as the uncollected amount from the certificate works like an interest-free loan

Gift certificate Electronic gift certificateElectronic gift certificate

It is usually an electronic voucher issued by an electronic financier and distributor and refers to as a prepaid card (amount rechargeable).
The issuance method is largely divided into a prepaid card type and a mobile gift certificate.
The issuance method can either be a mobile type gift certificate or a no name prepaid card.

Gift certificate Mobile gift certificateMobile gift certificate

A way of payment in which one can purchase goods at a store by providing a gift certificate sent to the mobile phone as a MMS (charging type, product specific type)
Not only is it easy to possess, it also has the advantage of being a gift to friends and family
It is replacing existing paper or card-type electronic vouchers.