Membership (Reward) System Service Introduction

We have completed the development of technology to create new value added by researching and developing our own set of self-asset and inquiry systems. We have experiences in consulting many companies by developing and completing the national value-added communication network,the Ino Information Multi System (IMS). Our membership/adaptation solution was launched to develop a mutual benefit card by simultaneously considering the position of consumers (members) as well as producers (partners and affiliates) and to provide active service using the nationwide network of independent communication links.

Membership system range

Ourmembership reward system connects our own communication network with our stores and affiliates. It has developed and commercialized the nationwide inquiry system, and it provides the members with the point rewards, discounts, and preferential services when using the merchant and the affiliated company.

This system aims to contribute to the maximization of sales by utilizing various marketing techniques such as member anniversary management and to provide higher quality service to members.
Additionally, rewards or sales status can be checked from time to time using the website, and the members can check the transaction details and reward details on the spot with a voucher through the terminal connected to the headquarters SIMS system.

What is a membership (point reward) system?

System Overview Member-based service solution provided to give access to various additional services

Effect of the System

  • Increase in Profit
    - Increase sales by securing strong ties and loyal customers between your company and members for membership service
    - Re-visit and indirect sales effects of card holders
    - Offer customers a variety of bonus services based on performance
    - Static customerization through thorough customer management
    - Using accumulated data, various events are conducted to actualize customer satisfaction.
  • Fixed Customers
    - Visually check the bonus points when purchasing the product
    - Encourage repeated use of bonus cards at purchase selection time.
    - Increase customer visit frequency and keep current customers
  • Differentiated Business Strategy
    - Active service provision and small investments due to an innovative idea
    - Increased competitiveness compared to other companies
  • Advertisement Effect
    - Advertisement effect and improvement in business image by issuing company's own card
    - Management of various customers allows the spread of word about the company
  • Convenient Usage
    - Same thickness as the public transportation cards, making it portable
    - Convenient when checking the usage data by simply inserting to the card reader

Pros of Membership System

  • Securing fixed members and customers and increase sales in stores
  • Differentiation from other companies, giving members/customers a sense of belonging
  • Encourage continuous visit with various benefits and mileage to members
  • Easy and simple member management and operational solution delivery
  • Efficient operation management through various sales analysis and customer management analysis
  • Company image upgrade and advertisement through card design that suites the company

Functionality by Cards

  • Barcode Card

    The barcode and number are printed on the back of the card, and customer management is possible using the barcode. Barcode scanner and reader are required to read bar code.

  • Magnetic Card

    Magnetic tape to the back of the card allows customer management. Simple information such as membership number can be saved. Need a MS reader to read magnetic lines.

  • Scratch Card

    Usually produced as a prepaid card or for an event purposes. This method includes adding a scratchable silk print on top of a unique number or serial number. Customers can scratch it with a coin.

  • PET Card

    A bonus card in which points are printed on the back of the card with PET material so that the customer can always check the point details and receive member benefits based on the accumulated rewards/points.

  • RF Card

    A wireless communication card that can be used as a transportation card or ID card. It is also called a contactless card or a proximity card that communicates radio frequency with a card reader.

Membership System Applicable Companies

  • Food Business
    Fast food, bakery, coffee, ice cream, bars, other food and beverage stores, etc.
  • Service Business
    Beauty salon, karaoke, video room, game room, car center, skin care, nail art, billiard room, golf practice field, etc.
  • Sales Business
    Clothing, shoes, fashion, eyeglasses, cosmetics, bookstores, butcher shops, gas stations, etc.
  • Others
    Anyone who wants to implement point-based services as a store and as a marketing measure for the company