Membership solution system flowchart

  • Settings
    Company information, user information management, rewards information, account management, and other basic information management settings
  • Issuance Management
    Ordering and design management, issuance management, lost management, re-transmission management, registration management function, etc.
  • Member Management
    Member registration, deletion, modification, level management, anniversary management SMS sending Management, etc.
  • Account Balance Management
    Sales details management by period (day, month and year), itemized search function, point charging management
  • Account Balance Management
    Payment and withdrawal management for sales merchants and affiliates
  • Rewards Management
    Reward Management Function (reward, deduct, charge, gift)
  • Statistics/Analysis
    Sales Statistics, Member Statistics, Issuance Statistics, Account Balance Statistics, and Management function provision
  • Bulletin Board
    You can set up and register bulletin boards related to announcements and notices from each partner and affiliates

Main Characteristics of Membership System Solution

  • Provision of ONE-SHOP TOTAL service

    TOTAL service is provided from card making to solution development, mounting, reader and homepage production

  • Proved

    Provides a stable system based on KNOW-HOWs that has been accumulated and independently developed over the years

  • Easy-to-use

    Development of a convenient interface design that is intuitive easy to use for beginners

  • Customer customized
    solution upgrade

    User-centric solution delivery through upgrade and solution customization, interworking with existing VAN networks and accounting programs

  • Supports customized marketing
    and promotion features

    The members can use Analysis to support customized marketing and secure loyal customers through anniversary management.

  • Maximize revenue against
    lower investment costs

    Low burden with low initial costs. Customized solutions available in development delivery (large companies) and APS solution rental (small merchants)

The future of the membership system

  • e-Business
    Establishment of an integrated management system for the company that links the offline logistics system with human resources/accounting department
  • KMS
    Development of Knowledge-Based Management System for Knowledge Management
  • CRM
    VIP member management through DW and DATA Mining and campaign Management
  • DATA WhereHouse
    Customer preference analysis through integrated customer database