Mobile voucher

This is the type of electronic voucher that is sent to individuals in the form of LSW/MMS (text message) for commercial use through mobile phones and mobile devices. Currently, transactions and use of APP-type electronic wallet are active. There are types of mobile vouchers such as message GIFT (product-switched), MMS mobile vouchers (mixed/charged), APP-type mobile vouchers (fixed/charged), and exchangeable vouchers (trade-in-store real vouchers).

Mobile voucher What is a mobile gift certificate solution?

Introduction A one-step solution that manages sending of the certificate by the issuer, collection, account balance, purchase, collection, and affiliates management

  • Production Management
    Gift certificate production management, barcode production, and image management
  • Sending Management
    A system that mounts a shipping module and can be sent directly from the customer
  • Partners Management
    Sellers and affiliates registration and management
  • Profit Management
    Data management of gift certificate sales
  • Collection Management
    Sales and collection data management of the mobile certificates by the affiliates and sellers
  • Account Balance Management
    Receipts and disbursements for sales and settlement payment Management
  • System Management
    User setting, rights setting, systems setting, and transaction syncing setting function
  • Membership Management
    Membership management and real name customers' membership data management
  • Bulletin Board Management
    Affiliates, sellers, and partners' bulletin board management
  • Other Support
    Support for development and ERP sync for clients, VAN and POS interworking for member stores and affiliates in use

Companies subject to use general enterprises, franchises, restaurants, convenience stores, beauty salons, gas stations, skin shops, salespeople, hospitals, cosmetics stores, etc. Enables the use of a wide range of services, from businesses to small merchants

  • Solution Characteristics
  • Personal messages - You can insert desired phrases such as customer name, store name, product and discount rate in image and text through MMS.
    Optimized image delivery - High resolution image transfer optimized for customer's mobile phone
    Automatic barcode generation - Automatically generate membership number, coupon number and gift certificate number.

Mobile voucher Classification

  • Mobile Gift Certificate/Coupon

    Gift certificates in mobile form that can be used for various marketing purposes, such as sales increase, membership attraction, image inventory, etc. You can choose the type of business it can be used on and the amount the certificate will carry. T

  • Mobile Advertisement

    Customize the desired promotional images and ad messages. Personalized advertising (DM) production is possible by registering customer information.

  • Mobile Membership

    Create your own membership card by customer and use it as an MMS membership and membership card

Patent on mobile gift certificates