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Here is an introduction to the service and system flow chart for the prepaid card.

Introduction to Prepaid Card Services

Prepaid cards are cards that are used by paying in advance and changing money into cards, and customers can pay a certain amount of money in advance and purchase small amounts of goods and services freely from time to time within the balance of the card.

Prepaid Card Division
  • Rechargeable prepaid card

    Rechargeable prepaid card is a prepaid card that can be used continuously after charging once.

  • prepaid card with an amount

    The prepaid card is a prepaid card that charges a certain amount and continues to use the balance.

  • Types of Prepaid Cards

    Prepaid card types include physical (IC) and mobile (online) walnet types.

Types of Prepaid Cards

Prepaid card types include physical (IC) and mobile (online) walnet types.

  • Physical card (IC type)

    It's a prepaid card that you can actually get.
    Design drafts can be applied.

  • mobile (online) walnet type

    It's the card that I use the most these days. Without a real card,
    This is a card that can be used in the application.

Service Flow Diagram
Service Configuration Diagram

※ This screen is a material screen for understanding.

Key Features of Prepaid SOLUTION Service
  • Integrated solution system delivery (ONE-STOP) service

    It supports all services from online and offline card inventory management and issuance management to charging, payment, settlement, customer management, and real-time settlement of affiliated stores.

  • Application of security and system management standards based on prepaid operators

    Support for system development and application of service technology to respond to security and management compliance of prepaid business owners in the electronic financial industry.

  • Development period, cost reduction, service delivery is possible quickly

    Expected to reduce solution application and service, time and development cost with prepaid system solution development experience and technology.

  • Merchants M-POS is provided, and additional costs are borne by ZERO.

    With the provision of blind store M-POS, it is possible to support merchant payment services at no additional cost. relatively low entry barrier

Main functions and services of prepaid SOLUTION
  • Configuration

    Basic information management settings such as company information, user information management, reserve setting management, account management, etc.

  • Client management

    Registration and management functions of affiliates, etc.

  • prepaid card

    Card inventory management, order management, prefix management, issuance management, design management, etc.

  • charge management

    Periodic (Sunday, Month, Year) Charge history management, itemized search function

  • Payment management

    Periodic (Sunday, Month, Year) Charge history management, itemized search function

  • Settlement management

    Deposit and withdrawal management of merchant and affiliate settlement and sales

  • Member management

    Member registration, deletion, modification, grade management (setting, creating, modifying, deleting), anniversary management, SMS dispatch management, etc.

  • a bulletin board

    You can set up and register bulletin boards related to announcements and information for each affiliate and franchise.

  • Support for various payment services

    Supports various payment methods such as VAN, PG, simple payment, and external PAY linkage.

  • COIN WALLET interworking service support

    Support for interworking development as a means of generating and charging electronic wallets through Gacoins.

  • real-time merchant settlement payment support

    Through the real-time payment service of affiliated stores, trust with affiliated stores and prevent accidents are prevented. Expected effect of member service promotion through the expansion of more diverse affiliates

  • Supporting various development environments and customizing solutions

    To enable the application of policies tailored to the needs of previous clients and the company,Support for customizable or new service development

  • Kakao notification talk and counseling talk can be linked.

    Kakao Talk notification talk and counseling talk. Convenient member management, customer support, marketing, events, etc. are possible.

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